Terms and conditions


We sell dried insects and Arachnids for scientific collections, we do not sell frames or other finished decorative objects.
All our specimens are sold unprepared/Papered.
All prices include 6% VAT.
The official invoice will be send with the package or by email on request. All documents (invoices and confirmations) generated by the website are not vallid for bookkeeping purposes and should only be used informatively.
It is not allowed to use pictures from our website without our explicit permission.


Quality is clearly stated on each product page in addition specific details about the quality are provided in the description if applicable. The details concerning quality listed in the description of each product takes precedence over the stated quality grading. Interpretation of quality grading can vary so read the description!

All specimens are papered in paper triangles or packaged on cardboard.

Unless specifically stated otherwise we use stock pictures to show what the species looks like. Actual specimens can vary slightly from the pictures, for example in regards to quality and color.

Grading: 1,2
A+: A perfect specimen

A: Close to perfect, possibly some minor imperfections. In Lepidoptera possibly some minor scratches, no wing or antennae damage. In Coleoptera possibly some antennae damage, no leg damage.

A-: Some more obvious damage but still a decent quality specimen possibly some scratches, a minor cut, 1 damaged antenna and/or damaged tibia/tarsus.

A2: Damaged specimen, possibly a minor chip, larger cut, more severe scratches and/or 1 or 2 missing antennae/legs.

B: More severely damaged specimen.

1: For lepidoptera, Odonata, Homoptera, Diptera and Neuroptera, missing or damaged legs are not taken into account.

2: For any insect with wings folded closed under the elytra or not, damaged wings are not taken into account.

Protected species:

We do not sell any species protected under the CITES regulations.


Orders can be placed directly through our website or you can contact us by email.

Minimum order: 50€ (or equivalent in another currency), not including postage and banking costs/paypal fees.

Bank transfer costs/paypal fees are for the buyer.

All items are checked again before shipment this means that sometimes items will not be available or in lesser quality as stated on the website. In case this happens we will contact you and you have the option of cancelling these items, buying them at reduced price or cancelling the entire order.
cancelled orders will be refunded without any cost to the buyer.

We only send out orders after receiving the full payment, no exceptions.


Postage costs are automatically calculated upon check out and you can choose to send with tracking number or without.

Orders are send out within one week after placing the order. Unless stated otherwise (vacation periods, etc. )

All packages are shipped from Belgium.

Postage costs will be automatically calculated when you place your order (depending on the country of destination and weight).

You will be able to choose shipment with or without tracking number.

Within Europe parcels normally arrive within 14 days.

We are not responsible in any way for delay, damage or confiscation by custom departments.
All orders are accompanied with a detailed invoice which states species, number of specimens and value.
If any other documents are required it is the buyers responsibility to contact us before shipping.

It is the buyers responsibility to check their countries laws and restrictions on the importation of dried insects (import permits, protected species, etc.). We are not responsible and will not refund in case of confiscation, fines or loss if the buyer does not follow regulations in regards to import permits.
For US costumers it is required by law to apply for import permits with USFW, if you choose not to do so it is at your own risk.

Order cancelations/refunds:

Order cancellations are possible if the items are send back to us within 7 days after receiving them.
We will refund the full amount (order and postage costs, not the banking costs) after receiving back the specimens in the original condition.

It is the buyers responsibility to check the specimens within 7 days upon arrival. After 7 days you are not eligible for a refund.

Postage costs for returning specimens will be paid by the buyer.

If a package send with tracking number does not arrive or is lost we will refund you the items after a period of 2 months after dispatch.
Worldwide shipments can be delayed sometimes so please be patient.

We are not responsible for lost packages if the buyer chooses shipping without tracking number.

Personal data

When you make an account on our website or place an order with us by email you give us permition to add your contact information to our mailing list.
If you wish to unsubscribe from our mailing list, simply use the unsubscribe button at the bottom or contact us.

By placing an order with us you are agreeing to all of the above conditions.

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